To make agriculture sustainable, the farmers shall adopt the following:

>Promote crop/ cropping system suitable to agro-climatic conditions.

>Diversify crop/ cropping system incorporating livestock, fisheries, horticulture, dairy,agro-forestry.

>Create a source for protective irrigation through check dams, tanks, farm ponds, shallow/ medium tubewells, dug wells, etc.

>Technologies for improving water use and moisture conservation measures like efficient water application system, land leveling, field bunding, contour bunding, trenches, mulching, ridge and furrow method, etc.,an%20understanding%20of%20ecosystem%20services.

For sustainable Agriculture, the Government of India has provided assistance under the scheme National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA)

A) Integrated Farming System

1. Cropping system  (CS) with rice, wheat, coarse cereal/ oilseed/ fibre/ pulse based two crops

2. Horticulture Based farming system (Plantation + crops/ cropping system)

3. Tree/ silvi-pastural/ in-situ/ ex-situ conservation of Non Timber forest produce (NTFP) (Plantation + Grass/ crops/ cropping system)

4. Livestock Based farming System

a. Cross breed cows + mixed farming +Fodder Buffalo + Mixed Farming + Fodder Cow/ Buffalo +Dairy +Fodder cow/ Buffalo + Small ruminants

b. Small ruminants + Mixed farming +Pasture, Poultry/ duckery +Mixed farming, Poultry/duckery +fishery +Mixed farming

5. Fishery based farming system

6.Vermicompost units/ organic inputs production unit, green manuring

7. Silage making for increased availability of green fodder round the year

8.Post-Harvest storage / Value addition of NTFP: small village level storage/packaging processing unit for value addition to the produce of farming system to fetch better economic returns.

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