Role Of Students in Nation Building-A Short Speech

Role Of Students in Nation Building-A Short Speech

Role Of Students in Nation Building- A Short Speech

The student stage is famous compared to all stages of life. In this stage, one has to learn life issues and how to challenge, learn, and make a delightful life. This stage not only assists him grows but also decides the nation’s development. The future of any country relies on its students. The name and fame of a country rest on the educated youths. In other words, the students are the real gems of any country. They are more supreme for a country like India.

If the energy of the students is lead to constructive purposes, the whole country will taste all-round development. A great man has rightly said,” Give me the children and I will change the nation.” A nation can headway if its youth is sincere and educated. So most of it depends upon the students.

India is fortunate that more than 60% of its total population of the country consists of young people. And most of them are the students. These young people can do a great deal in the development work of the country. They can do a lot for their indispensable contribution to this development.

There a large no of illiterate people in the country. Students can teach these uneducated people of their neighborhood, nearby localities, and in the villages. They can begin many awareness programs in the country. They can tell people about the worth of cleanliness in life.

Role of Students in Nation Building

They can become the exemplar for the others. They can take out rallies to create awareness related to some current issues/evils such as Drug Addiction, Save Daughter- Educate Daughter, Crime against Women, Corruption, etc.

Our PM Narendra Modi is talking about Programmes such as Skilled India, Digital India, Make in India, etc. Students can do a lot in realizing this dream and making India technically sound. The students have natural insight into the latest technology and its use. These technically-savvy students can help the grown-up people in using the latest technology such as the Internet, Mobiles, etc.

The prediction of the students is very high. In order to meet such expectations, the students will have to be morally, mentally, and healthily sound. Weak students can’t do anything for themselves, what will they do for the country? They need to be stronger – stronger students, stronger citizens. It has the power to help a country expand and move towards progress. It also is responsible for fetching social reform within a country.

The students must follow the suit of great people from all countries and all ages. They must get inspiration from them. The people like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra BoseMother Teresa must be their role models.

The students must also know that honesty is the best policy and hard work is the only key to success. They must adopt such ideals in their lives. They must always bear it in their mind that if they are good, the country shall itself become good.

Their country has given them everything, in return, they will have to compensation something. For some dollars, they shouldn’t go away from their country. They should stay here, work for it, and do their responsibilities towards it. In short, students are the real future and treasure of any country.

Apart from this, the student must play these acts of life to make the best nation like as a Human ResourceStudent as an Invigilator of Society, Student as a Man of EruditionStudent as a Selfless Person, Student as a Bridge (between the present and past generation).


Leaders are not borne, but they are made. For this, student life is the proper stage. Hitler, who harbored dislike towards Jews in his student life, made him legendary. The persons who had diligent as a weapon in their student life were turned into great personalities. The student is a crucial organ for the growth of society and the nation. He has to engulf all the above-mentioned principles in life.

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