What do many parents do that spoils their child?

Play station!

Papa, I want a Playstation.

Okay, son, I will be taking it this evening.

Thank you, Dad, I love you, bye.

What do many parents do that spoils their child?

play station arrived in the evening. The child played 4 days, now his heart was full, now he needs a new game. Now needs a new PlayStation cassette, now needs a new PlayStation game. The child once again called Papa and by evening, Papa brought so many 300 GB games that the games would not end if the child would continue to play for 6 months. Within 2 weeks, the child played all the games and the father was surprised that it was nothing short of a miracle. Father could not play all these games even in his entire life. “How promising child is, he played all the games within 2 weeks”, the mother said to the kitchen. On seeing his father, he could not say anything.

This scene is seen in almost every house these days.

Cartoons have to be turned on if the child wants to have breakfast. You have to turn on mobile if you want to feed your child. If the child is sitting in a car, he will have to open the game in the mobile and give it to him. The extent is when children of 2 years and 3 years are also standing on the same footing. There is nothing to be learned in this workout, there is no reverse damage. In a few days, the children become defiant and the parents have to bow to their choice.

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A friend of mine gives toys to his child only because he will either shout or cry for a long time and to avoid all this, he quickly purchases toys and hands them over to the child. And the child understands this weakness very easily. And takes advantage of that.

It is very common. It is very normal.

To bend before the stubbornness of children, to bend easily and to accept everything quickly, spoils them gradually.

Lack of discipline inside the home is also a big reason. It is not that children do not listen to them or it becomes very difficult in front of them. Use a little common sense and explain them with love. Tell us about books. Play TV less. Take the library with you. Gradually, the child’s mind will be engaged in these things and he will return from other things and get engaged in work. Call children’s friends at home. Talk with them. Read books. Discus on books. Stay away from more modern toys mobile iPad TV. And then see the miracle. Do not think that your child will be left behind by other children, do not think that at all, children are very clever. What we will not learn even in 10 years, they learn in 1 year. Create Intellectual Group Make children a partner in it. If you want to watch TV, see National Geographic Discovery et cetera. These include very good eye-opening programs. Check them out. Encourage children to see them.

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