Learn to read Easy and fast read

Do you want to learn to read the book early? Reading quickly does not mean that you continue to read books without enjoying them, but you should also learn to enjoy the book with speed. Let us start with step 1 below.

> Increase reading speed

Learn to read Easy and fast read

1. Practice a little every day: You will not have the skills to read a book quickly, so you need to practice until it becomes a game of your left hand. Even practicing 15 to 20 minutes every day will bring a complete change in your speed.
It will take time to increase the speed of reading the book because you are learning to read in a completely new way. That’s why remember to be patient when you were younger than how many years it took to learn to read.
A good way to know your progress is to time yourself. Keep a timer and see how many words you read in a minute. The more you practice, the more this score will increase.
2. Read easy articles first: When you are learning to read quickly, start with easy articles – something that you will enjoy – until your ability improves significantly.
Read a travel book or a biography of someone. If you read a difficult book from the beginning – such as a book of physics – then you will find it very difficult.
Once you become a bit proficient and you understand what to look for in an article, you will find it easier to read difficult articles. By this time, you must have guessed which technique is suitable for you and which part of the article is most important to read.
3. Try to read with your fingers: Use a pen, index card, and finger to leave a mark on your reading area. Not only will you not forget your place, you will also get more benefits.
By moving the pointer to the end of every sentence and page, you can make your desired speed as you want.
Move your eyes like a magnet with a pointer – your eyes should move where the pointer goes.
4. Try to read for a long time to increase your focus. Your mind will take a little time to get completely immersed in reading, especially when you are coming to some more active activity. So try to read continuously for at least 15 minutes at a time, which will help your mind to be focused.
Your focus will increase over time and with practice.
It is also right to take a break if needed.
5. Change your attitude to reading: In addition to using techniques to change the speed of your reading, it is important for you to change your mood for reading.
It is better to understand reading than to understand that it is a very important thing, consider it an opportunity – to be entertained, to learn something new, and to move forward.
No matter what the subject is – it may be a book of statistics or a history of mining in Colorado – you will read it with an open mind and a willingness to learn, so you will enjoy and learn easily.
6. Know when to stop: There are advantages to early reading, but it is important to know when you should reduce your speed and understand what you are reading.
There is no use in filtering an article if it makes you difficult to understand the important information. Therefore it is important that you know when you should study slowly.
Apart from this, there are many books which should not be read in a hurry. These include poems, plays, literature, and fiction books. Books of this way are examples of art and creativity, so they should be read and understood one by one. If you read them quickly, you will not understand their value.

> Quit bad habits

Learn to read Easy and fast read

1. Do not repeat the words in your mind, many people speak while reading the words or listen to those words in their mind. This is called sub-vocalization and it is the biggest hurdle in catching speed.
Reading the words aloud is a good way to teach children to read, but it is not right for learning to read quickly. That is because of all the vocalization, you can read the words as fast as you can speak them which is not very fast.

If you skip all the vocalizations, then you can double or triple your reading speed. To avoid this, you can eat chewing gum or hum the song to keep your mouth busy. It is a bit difficult to do this, but with meditation, concentration, and practice you will be able to do it.
2. Do not read a single word: Another habit that people have is that they read one word separately. It is better to read several pieces at once.
For example, inexperienced readers will read this sentence in the stables of the horse. But it is a special thing in your mind that if there are no words, then they read them by themselves, then if you teach your mind to read the empty horse and stables, then he can put the rest of the words himself. With this, you can understand and read the entire book only by reading 50% of the words. This will increase the speed of reading your book quickly.
3. Keep your eyesight under control: When children learn to read, we teach them to read each word. But our eyes can read 4 to 5 words simultaneously, this makes the book readable and inefficient.
Relax your face and soften your eyes while reading, so that you can read more parts of a page simultaneously. Read at least 4 words at once and then move on to the next words.
Also, use your peripheral vision while reading. With this, you can read at the end of the sentence without increasing the eyesight and this also saves time.
4. Avoid the withdrawal process: In the withdrawal process, the reader reads or unknowingly reads the same sentence or part 2 to 3 times. This gives you a lot of time and there is no use in understanding the book.
Many people adopt the return process because they forget where they are while studying. To avoid this, you can leave a mark on the place with a finger, pen, or a card.
Many people read again and again because they do not understand the meaning of that part at first. To avoid this, you should read with a concentration in the first place, reading should be an active activity, so read with your mind so that you do not have to read again and again.
Apart from this, you have to decide whether the information you are reading again is worth reading again. If you have understood the basic meaning of that sentence (even if you have not read every single word) then do not read it again and again, it will only waste time.
5. Avoid distraction: Many people read slowly because they are trying to read in the wrong environment. If you want to read quickly and understand together, remove the external and internal distractions.
Do not read where there is a lot of noise: This will divert your attention again and again and you will have to read the same paragraph again or again to understand all the vocalization. Read in a quiet environment where all your attention is on reading the book, do nothing else together.
You also have to remove internal distractions such as thinking about work or what to eat. It is very difficult to stop your mind, but if you can do this, then you will be able to increase the speed of reading your book.
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> Change in reading method

Learn to read Easy and fast read

1. Review the reading material in one way: The most effective way to increase your speed is to review the book once. This will tell you what the book is about and is not even worth reading.
To review, read the first paragraph, read the first sentence of the remaining paragraphs, and read the last paragraph as well.
Read the title, key points, and highlighted words in the middle of it all. You will not get all the details of the book from them, but you will know what are the important parts that you should read.
This is a great way to read long, unfamiliar and difficult books that are understood by beginners.
2. Find the most important words: For this, you once look at the whole book and extract the necessary words from it. With this technique you will get a basic understanding of the subject and not too much of your time will be wasted.
For example, in this sentence, “The brave lion ate his careless prey – deer”, it is not necessary that you read the whole sentence. Even if you read the keyword “lion-hunting-deer”, you will understand the meaning of the sentence. With this step, you can read the entire book without losing meaning. You can use this technique to read short articles like Newspapers and magazine articles.
3. You read the first and last sentence of the paragraph. If you are reading an article or book to get information, then the first and last sentence of the paragraph is the best technique to repeat the things you already know.
Some articles repeat it many times to explain even a simple thing. If you have understood that thing lightly, then you do not need to read the entire article.
The same applies for newspaper and magazine articles – if you only want to know the role, then you can easily do it by reading the first and last sentence of the article.
4. Leave out the parts that you know: If you want to increase your reading speed, then you should make a habit of giving up information that you are not going to gain anything by reading.
You can guess which parts are worth reading by reading the first sentence of the paragraph or by reading the important words. This will give you an idea of ​​what is in the article and whether it is worth reading it.
It is also obligatory for things you are not interested in. If you are reading someone’s biography or a historical article, then you leave the parts you are not interested in. This will not make you a good reader but it will save you a lot of time and will also be in your interest.
Apart from this, you should not be sad to leave a book that is not giving you pleasure or from which you are not learning anything. Many books are written in the wrong way and they cannot even tell what you want to know correctly. 
Try to read 10% of every book if it does not feel right, then keep it and read the other book. This will save your time and you will also benefit in the future.
5. Save the most important information: When many people start studying fast, they have difficulty in understanding and saving all the information. The easy way to correct this is that you read more books but you can also use the techniques written below.
Connect the information found in books with your knowledge. Connecting difficult thoughts to your personal experiences, memories or feelings will make you easier to understand the information. For example, if you read the French word “heurex” (which means happiness), then you can relate it to a memory where you have got a lot of happiness.
Highlight the required information and write a summary. While reading the book, highlight the necessary parts (pages can also be folded). Once you have finished the book, go back and write a summary of 200 to 300 words from one of those parts. 
With this, you will remember the information very well and you can create a database of all the references, which can be useful in your future.
Advice :

Young children often make mistakes while learning to read, so they should learn to study slowly. Do not rush because you will not be able to learn the art of falling. If you want to teach your child to fall quickly, then teach slowly. If reading starts becoming painful for him, then he will lose all interest in it. When your child learns many new words and starts loving books, then use the above methods to increase the speed of his fall.

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