A day in the life of a student in India

 A day in the life of a student in India

Student-hood is the most delightful; period of any person’s life provided he has the right perspective. Being a student means having been given the opportunity to explore knowledge. Real enjoyment is not the temporary enjoyment of bodily pleasures; they are the ones related to mind, intellect, and intelligence. What enjoyment can be more permanent than the enjoyment of learning the secrets of the universe? Knowledge, wise people say is power. This power can only be had by students. A student has all the learning resources at his disposal; he can gain as much knowledge as he wishes or sets his mind to.

Each and every person in the world has a different kind of lifestyle, starting from the time they wake up to the food they eat. 

My name is Abhijeet and I live in a town named bhadrak in Odisha. I am a seventh-grader studying at Crossroads South Middle School. My typical day begins with me waking up to my alarm. I set my alarm to 5:30 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays as I am a member of the school’s advanced chorus group. On other days, I awake a little later. After I finish my morning chores, I go downstairs to my prayer room to do sandhyavandanam. After I complete that, I have my breakfast, which is a sandwich and glass of vanilla milk. Then I pack my bag and head to the bus stop.
  The mornings in the fall and winter are usually very dark and chilly. On early bus days, I go to my choir rehearsals first. When I walk in, my mind instantly makes the switch from being half-sleep to responding to music. We prepare with scales and then we sing. After the practice session, I walk with my friends to my homeroom. My writing teacher is my homeroom teacher. In my school, we have eight periods that go in a pretty confusing schedule. We have something called a Core schedule, in which all the periods move up every day. I have great teachers, who make learning interesting and fun for us. My math teacher is very humorous and makes us enjoy his class. Aside from the core classes, I have the technology and world language. I study Latin for world language. It helps me interpret the root words in English better. Lunch is my most liked part of the school day because this is the one time when I get to see all my friends in the same area. We talk about things like basketball, or we argue about things that come off in school. The gym is also one of my favorite parts of the day because we get to play sports and games that we all love. My school day finished after my eighth period and I take a bus back home.
I pursue many activities after school. I play the Indian classical violin. I further learn Carnatic vocal music and play basketball and cricket. On the weekends, I acquire knowledge of the Bhagavad Gita and Veda. I love all the things that I do in my life and am very grateful for everything that I have.
After all the student life is very best. A person learns most of the things in his/her life in this stage of life. The friends he/she made, the fun she/he made, everything done by him/her in this life remains with that person throughout his/her life. Thus, we can say that the life of a student is the best part of his/her life.


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