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14 Psychological Tricks to Stay Motivated and Stick with Your Goals

Today I want to show you 14 specific strategies from psychology that will help you stay motivated and follow through on your most challenging goals.
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These are the same strategies I use every day in my clinical practice. Throughout the years, they’ve helped several customers support their inspiration to change and achieve a wide range of objectives from weight reduction and emphatics to beginning another business.
But these aren’t just internet self-help hacks. These are serious techniques based on well-established principles from psychology and behavioral science.
Okay, let’s get to it!
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1. Find Your Good Reasons

Anything you do, regardless of how basic, has a number of valid justifications behind it. 
You will most likely be unable to discover valid justifications to carry out certain responsibilities from the start at the same time, in the event that you take only a couple of seconds to break down them, you will effortlessly spot something great. We additionally have numerous undertakings that needn’t bother with any thinking whatsoever – we’ve been doing them for such a long time that they feel natural.
In case you’re at any point stayed with some tasks you hate and there seems to be no motivation to complete it whatsoever, here’s what you need to do: find your good reasons.
In any event, when you set objectives, there should be purposes for these objectives. They may not be evident yet remain at it until you see a few, as this will bring your inspiration back and will assist you with completing the task.
Some ideas for what a good reason can be:
  • A material reward – quite often, you will get paid for doing something you normally don’t like doing at all.
  • Personal gain – you will learn something new or will perhaps improve yourself in a certain way.
  • A feeling of accomplishment – at least you’ll be able to walk away feeling great about finding the motivation and courage to complete such a tedious task.
  • A step closer to your bigger goal – indeed, even the greatest achievements in history have begun little and depended on basic and far less pleasant tasks than you might be working on. Each task you complete carries you closer to a definitive objective and recognizing this consistently feels better.

2. Make It Fun

When it comes to motivation, attitude is everything. Various individuals may have totally different sentiments towards a similar task: some will hate it, others will cherish it.
Why do you think this happens? It’s simple: some of us find ways to make any task interesting and fun to do!
Take sports for example. Visiting your local exercise center day by day for a 30 minutes exercise meeting sounds boring to some. However many others love the thought! 
They love exercising not only because they recognize the good reasons behind it, but simply because it’s fun! At certain seasons of their everyday plan, they see going to gym center as the best activity, basically in light of the fact that nothing else will accommodate their time and way of life so consummately.
Depending on how you look at it, you can have fun doing just about anything! Just look for ways of having fun, and you’ll find them!
A simple approach is to start working on any task by asking yourself a few questions:
  • How can I enjoy this task?
  • What can I do to make this task fun for myself and possibly for others?
  • How can I make this work the best part of my day?
As long as you learn to have the definite expectation of any task being potentially enjoyable, you will start to feel motivated.
Some of you will most likely think about some things which are legitimate special cases from this announcement, such as something you generally hate doing no matter how hard you try making it fun. You’re presumably right, and that is the reason I don’t guarantee everything to be entertaining.
However, most tasks have a great potential of being enjoyable, and so looking for ways to have fun while working is definitely a good habit to acquire.

3. Change Your Approach And Don’t Give Up

You might be doing everything effectively and most productively, yet such methodology isn’t really the most motivating one. Quite often, you can find a number of obvious tweaks to your current approach which will both change your experience and open up new possibilities.
That is the reason saying “one way or another” is so normal — f you really want to accomplish your goal, there is always a way; and most likely, there’s more than one way.
If a certain approach doesn’t work for you, find another one, and keep trying until you find the one which will both keep you motivated and get you the desired results.
A few people feel that trying an alternate methodology means giving up. They take pride in being extremely obstinate and refusing to try some other choices on their way towards the goal.
My feeling on this is that the power of focus is great, but you ought to concentrate on your objective, and not restricting your alternatives by focusing on just one way to accomplish it.

4. Reward Yourself

This is a trick everyone likes: rewarding yourself is always pleasant. This is additionally one of the least demanding and simultaneously most powerful ways to stay motivated!
Feeling down about doing something? Dread the idea of working on some task? Hate the whole idea of working? You’re not alone.

Right from the beginning, agree on some deliverables which will justify yourself getting rewarded. When you get one of the agreed results, take time to reward yourself in some way.
For certain tasks, simply taking a break and unwinding for a couple of moments will do.
For other people, you might need to get a fresh cup of coffee and even treat yourself a dessert.
For considerably greater and all the more demanding tasks,  reward yourself by doing something even more enjoyable, like going to a cinema or taking a trip to someplace nice, or even buying yourself something.
Your progress may not appear to others like anything worth celebrating at the same time, require some investment, and do it in any case! It is your task and your reward, so anyways to stay motivated are good.
The more you reward yourself for the honestly made progress, the more motivated you will feel about reaching new milestones, thus finally accomplishing your goal.

5. Give yourself breaks

Now and then even the most decided individuals get overwhelmed. You might be burning yourself out, and a genuinely necessary break may be exactly what you need. On the off chance that it is a wellness objective, possibly take a three-or four-day rest rather than your ordinary a couple of day rest. In the event that it is at school, don’t attempt to accomplish all your work at a time however stretch it out through the span of the day or week, if conceivable.

6. Watch and read motivational stories or speeches

Everyone deserves a great pep talk every once in a while. Stay elevated by observing YouTube recordings of rousing minutes so you can out of nowhere feel another feeling of inspiration to keep striving. 
Here are just a few examples of easily-found inspirational media:
  • Mary Schmich’s famous “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” speech.
  • Almost any Hollywood sports movie.
  • Much rap music – “rags to riches” is a normal lyrical theme.
  • Historical stories of bravery or courage (see: Jack Churchill, Audie Murphy, etc.)

7 – Meditate and yoga

Meditation is the art of being present, and it has powerful and transformative properties that help to adjust your physical self to your spiritual self.
Regularly, we lead hectic lives, however, reflection focuses us, assisting to remove the clutter in our minds, and reestablishing our sense of spirit and motivation.
Staying motivated is troublesome work, however, meditation helps to cleanse the mind, giving us a fresh perspective to approach our goals with gusto.
Truly, even 15 minutes of doing yoga can assist you with getting persuaded. Truth be told, this and other physical exercises are all great motivational strategies because it helps to move the body and oxygenate the blood.
Yoga also helps to release positive endorphins into the body that help to stimulate the mind, helping to battle the stress hormones that prevalent in the mind and body.
We will in general lose our inspiration since we have so much going on in our lives that we get overwhelmed. Yoga assists to eliminate some stress while allowing us to regain focus and clarity

8-Watch a YouTube video

Sometimes, it can be as easy as watching a YouTube video. Even if you’re looking for inspiration, motivation, or anything in between, YouTube is a great resource.
The best part? You can do this just about anyplace.
Often, when we’re working tirelessly towards our goals, especially when we hit some roadblocks and suffer some major setbacks, it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. Keep that in mind and don’t give up. Keep pushing and do whatever it takes to find it within you to slowly inch forward.
If possible watch Watch a TED Talk

9-Visualize your future

Once you have your goals, you can get and stay motivated by predicting your future. What will life be like when you attain your goals? Where will you live? What will you do for work? What will you enjoy in your free time? What places will you travel to?
Spend some time visualizing your future by writing out a detailed description of how life will be like when you achieve your long-term goals.

10-Manage your time effectively

One easy way to drop motivation is to be a poor manager of your time. Stay motivated by arranging your time and limiting the time-wasters.
We’re all guilty of this to one degree or another. No one wants to work constantly. Yet, when you can effectively manage your time, you’ll find yourself making far more progress.
Time is a significant equalizer because we all have the exact same amount of it. Nobody has more time than the other person. It doesn’t matter where they’re from, what they do, or who they know.
The most popular time management system is the Eisenhower system, named after President Dwight D. Eisenhower but later popularized by Dr. Stephen R. Covey. The system snaps all of our activity down into four quadrants:

11. Listen to music and Take a test drive

A simple but effective method to get and stay motivated is to listen to music. Naturally, it has to be the right music. What music motivates you? What music inspires you?
You can get motivated by creating a motivational soundtrack. Find songs that you like, and listen to them for at least 15 minutes. While you listen, visualize your future. What things will you achieve? How will your life be like when those goals have materialized in your life?
There is real power in music. Learn to leverage it for your benefits.
Many people have money-related goals, and staying focused and motivated can often be hard. So far, when we can see, feel, and touch the things that we’re pursuing, motivation is easier to come by.
Head to your nearby dealership and test drive your dream car. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to purchase it right away or not. The test drive generates the motivation to keep pursuing whatever it is that you desire in life.
This is powerful as thoughts are things, and our subconscious minds do far more in the way of goal achievement than we can imagine. When you take a test drive, you take the impalpable and make it tangible.
It has a powerful way of, not only motivating, but also steering us towards that which we desire.

12.Find a mentor

An extraordinary method to abstain from losing inspiration is to discover a tutor. Guides can help us from multiple points of view. And keeping in mind that there’s nobody explicit approach to discover a tutor, you ought to positively get out there and find one that can help push you and motivate you to accomplish your fantasies. 
Regardless of whether it’s a fruitful representative that you meet through a companion, or somebody in your family even, discover somebody who can help mentor you along. 
Remember that achievement won’t be simple regardless. It’s anything but difficult to lose inspiration for anybody. However, going to a coach can assist with bringing all that difficult work you’re doing into point of view.

13. Listen to an audiobook

Discover a motivational or inspirational audiobook that you can listen to. Audiobooks are a great usage of limited time and time that would otherwise be wasted on something else. Whether you’re exercising or traveling to work, notice some audiobooks you can turn to for increased motivation.
You can choose from a number of motivational authors such as Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, or of course, myself. Check out Breakthrough, How Not to Give Up, Move Mountains, or the Art of Persistence if you feel so inclined.

14.The Distractions List

The of the greatest obstacles to our ability to stay motivated and make progress on our goals is distraction: the unexpected text from our spouse in the middle of a workout, the old friend we run into at the coffee shop while we’re trying to get work done, etc.
In any case, it’s not simply outer interruptions that can crash our inspiration and divert on our objectives… Sometimes the most impressive and ruinous interruptions are inward: stress over how the enormous gathering will go tomorrow occupies us from our work today; wandering off in fantasy land about how incredible it will be to look fit occupies us from going on that run; replaying a disappointing discussion from the day preceding in our minds makes it difficult to be available in our genuine discussions. 
The Distractions List is a minuscule device you can use to oversee interior interruptions like these and keep your inspiration high. 
Here’s the manner by which it works: 
At whatever point you set out to carry out your responsibility, schedule, propensities tc., keep a little note pad or cushion of paper and pencil with you. 
On the off chance that you notice yourself getting occupied by an idea, feeling, memory, or some other inside distractor, rapidly write it down and afterward move your concentration back to your undertaking. 
When your assignment is finished, rapidly audit your interruptions list. In the event that there’s anything really significant, make a concise arrangement for tending to it. 
A large portion of us doesn’t manage inward interruptions very well in light of the fact that our technique is animal power overlooking. And keeping in mind that this can here and there work incidentally, it, for the most part, prompts a much more grounded flood of inner interruptions. 
The interruptions list works so well since it causes you to incline toward your interruptions. By quickly recognizing them and having the arrangement to manage them later, you can prepare yourself to turns out to be less responsive to them and better ready to remain concentrated on your work.

Which technique will you use to stay motivated?

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Well, what do you think? Did any of these techniques stand out as especially useful for you?

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