Precision Farming is one of the most scientific and modern approaches to sustainable agriculture in general and horticulture in particular that has gained popularity in recent times. It has emerged as a Transformation right from the age-old practice of hand operation to bullock/horsepower to tractors and ultimately to this précised agriculture which focuses on the positioning of agricultural tools with a high degree of accuracy and sophistication for maximizing returns. This has come up as a result of the revolution in information technology along with the use of hi-tech equipment.

Precision Farming is defined as the application of technologies and principles to manage spatial and temporal variability associated with all aspects of agricultural production. It is a comprehensive approach to farm management designed to optimize agricultural production through the use of
information technology to bring data from multiple sources to bear decision associated with agriculture production marketing, finance, and personnel while taking care of environmental issues

Precision Agriculture - Platform for Agricultural Technology


Key Technologies of Tamil Nadu Precision Farming Project

Remote sensing technology

Making use of the GIS, the physiographic map, soil map and land use map for Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri districts were developed. The remote sensing program enabled the scientists to exactly
locate the actual field to scale map its boundary.

Chisel plough

The chisel plough the technology ensures better aeration to the root zone and effective drainage during rainy days. Further, it helps the plants to develop the root systems with characteristic uniformity, pattern, and
architecture and inadequate mass. The Chisel plough needs to be operated once in two years. Compared to single tine chisel plough, five tine chisel is effective in hard soils.

Hi-Tech Community Nursery

The seedlings are to be raised in portrays under net houses with insect-proof netting making use of (EC and pH adjusted) coco peat media treated with Pseudomonas. The seedlings produced will be
Strikingly uniform with similar physical and physiological age thus ensuring 100 percent field stand and Sustain 100 percent productive plants. The root mass is on the outer surface of the root ball and hence there is no causality. The Cabbage and Cauliflower seedlings are extremely sensitive to media pH and EC while chilli hybrid seedlings are hardy.

Drip and Fertigation System

Drip and fertigation system of the project ensured water economy, precise application of water-soluble fertilizers to root zone and kept an ideal moisture regime of 60 percent.

Growing crops and growing with the crops

The field scientists stayed at the village and extended the technical support to the farmers the crop period. The growing with the crops has made all the difference.

Market support

The marketing scientists have taken the beneficiary farmers to market places like Cochin, Koyampedu. Bangalore — Safal and Coimbatore and sensitized them on the importance of minimal
grading and sorting and timely delivery at the market. Further, the buyers from the market were taken to the project site and impressed them on the healthy, hi-tech production system, highlighting the best of the quality parameters and strengthened the supply chain.

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