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Welcome students. As we all know in many competitive exams, Biology Questions asked repeatedly, so you cannot ignore the Biology section of General Awareness. Today we have compiled an “Important Biology Questions and Answer so that you get all the important questions in one place. And it will become very easy for guys to revise them.

Q1. Penicillin is extracted from 

(a)yeast (b) algae (c)fungus (d) lichen 

Q2. Which is the effect of antigen in an ill person ? 

(a)It increases the production of W.B.C.


(b)It increases the production of antibiotics 

(c)It increases the production of anti-serum against bacteria 

(d)It prevents the growth of bacteria 

Q3. Which among the following helps in circulation of blood ?

 (a)Erythrocytes (b)Blood platelets (c)Monocytes (d)Lymphocytes 

Q4. Which among the following elements increases the absorption of


water and calcium in plants ? 

(a)Manganese (b)Boron (c)Copper (d)Molybdenum 

Q5. Which wood will become useless soon after exposing in the 

open air ? 

(a)Softwood (b)Fibrous wood (c)Wet wood (d)Hardwood 

Q6. Which among the following is a large spectrum Antibiotic ? 

(a)Paracetamol (b)Pencillin (c)Ampicillin (d)Chlormphenicol 

Q7. Our bones and teeth are generally made of 

(a)Tricalcium phosphate (b)Fluoropetite (c)Chloropetite 


Q8. Angora wool is extracted from 

(a)rabbit (b) sheep (c)fox (d) goat 

Q9. Which of the following diseases affects women easily than that 

of men ? 

(a)Heart attack (b)Hepatitis (c)Joint arthritis (d)Arthritis 

Q10. Pituitary gland is located in 

(a)brain (b)kidney (c)liver (d)intestine 

Q11. What is the limit of MG/DL of blood sugar in the normal 

person at the time of fast ? 

(a)40-60 (b)120-150 (c)70-100 (d)160-200 

Q12. The cross section of a stem of tree has fifty rings . what is the 

age of the tree ? 

(a)50 months (b) 5 years (c) 25 years (d) 50 years 

Q13. Onion is a modified form of 

(a)leaf (b) stem (c)root (d)None of these 

Q14. The pollination of maize takes place by 


(b)pollination by insects 

(c)pollination by air 

(d)pollination by rain 

Q15. Why radiologists do not take direct Xray photographs of intestine? 

(a)Intestines are affected by direct exposure to X-rays 

(b)X-rays cannot cross intestine (c)X-rays are not able to capture clear picture 

(d)Even short exposure of X-rays causes cancer in intestine 

Q16.  Exobiology deals with the study of : 

(a)external characters of living organisms 

(b)life on the surface of the earth 

(c)life in the outer layers of atmosphere 

(d)life in other planets and space 

Q17. Animals do not have enzyme systems which enable them to 

make use of the energy from :

(a)fat (b) water (c)protein (d)carbohydrate 

Q18. A clone is a colony of: 

(a)cells having different shapes (b)cells having similar shape 

(c)cells having similar genetic constitution 

(d)cells having different genetic constitutions 

Q19. The pollen grains of flowers pollinated by insects are :

(a)smooth and dry (b)rough and sticky (c)rough and dry (d)large and showy 

Q20. The disease caused by Asbestos is : 

(a) Emphysema (b) Paralysis (c) Diarrhea (d) Dysentery 

Q21. In the eye colour vision is effected by the presence of: 

(a)Choroid coat (b)Sclerotic coat (c) Rods (d) Cones 

Q22. Which of the following is NOT one of the important steps in 

processing tea leaves? 

(a) Rolling (b) Drying (c)Fermenting (d)Withering 

Q23. Dehydration in human body is caused due to the loss of: 

(a)vitamins (b)salts (c)hormones (d)water 

Q24. Which of the following is the largest living bird ? 

(a)Eagle (b)Peacock (c)Ostrich (d)Kiwi 

Q25. In the case of test-tube babies 

(a)the egg is fertilized in the uterus. (b)embryo completes its development in a test tube. 

(c)embryo is placed in uterus after 2 months. (d)an egg is fertilized outside the mother s body. 

Q26. The age Of trees is determined by its : 

(a) girth (b) height (c)growth rings (d)general appearance 

Q27. Kidney disease in man is caused by the pollutant: 

(a) Cadmium (b) Iron (c) Cobalt (d) Carbon 

Q28. Fruits of this plant are found underground: 

(a) Potato (b) Carrot (c) Groundnut (d) Onion 

Q29. A rare and endangered animal in Silent Valley is : 

(a)Musk deer (b)Tiger (c)Lion-tailed macaque (d)Rhino sores 

Q30. Maximum photosynthetic activity occurs in : 

(a)blue and red region of light (b)green and yellow region of light 

(c)blue and orange region of light (d)violet and orange region of tight

Q31. AIDS virus has : 

(a)single-stranded RNA (b)double-stranded RNA 

(c)single-stranded DNA (d)double-stranded DNA 

Q32. A breath test used by traffic police to check drunken driving uses: 

(a)potassium dichromate-sulphuric acid 

(b)potassium permanganate-sulphuric acid 

(c)turmeric on filter paper 

(d)silica gel coated with silver nitrate 

Q33. AngloNubian is a breed of: 

(a) sheep (b) goat (c) poultry (d) cattle 

Q34. What kind of soil is treated with gypsum to make it suitable for cropping? 

(a) Alkaline (b) Acidic (c)Water-logged 

(d)Soil with excessive clay content 

Q35. Typhoid fever is caused by 

(a)virus (b)bacteria (c)fungus (d)allergy 

Q36. Which of the following blood group is a universal recipient? 

(a) A (b) B (c) AB (d) O 

Q37. Rod-shaped bacteria is called 

(a)Bacillus (b)Spirillum (c)Coccus (d)Coma 

Q38. The animal which has become extinct recently in India 

happens to be 

(a) Golden cat (b) Cheetah (c) Wooly wolf (d) Rhinoceros 

Q39. All the progeny obtained from a single plant by vegetative 

propagation is called 

(a) Clones (b) Pure line (c) Indeed line (d) Pedigree line 

Q40. What is a Sponge? 

(a) A fungus (b) A fossil (c) A plant (d) An animal 

Q41. Which of the following blood groups may be present in the children of a couple having blood 

groups A and B respectively? 

(a)A and B only (b)A B and AB (c)A B AB and O (d)A B only 

Q42. Which of the following diseases is caused by a virus?

 (a)Poliomyelitis (b)Malaria (c)Whooping cough (d)Ringworm 

Q43. Which of the following is known as Vitamin B1? 

(a)Retinol (b) Thiamin (c) Riboflavin (d) Ascorbic Acid 

Q44. Which of the following is true ? 

(a)DNA is the genetic material in most of the organism 

(b)RNA is the genetic material in most viruses and bacteria 

(c)DNA is the genetic material in all the viruses 

(d)RNA is the genetic material in all the viruses 

Q45. Pathogenic bacteria secrete 

(a)Antigens (b) Antibodies (c) Hormones (d) Interferon’s 

Q46. Where is the Botanical Survey of India headquartered? 

(a)Lucknow (b) Darjeeling (c) Kolkata (d) Oottaccamund 

Q47. Who amongst the following was awarded Nobel Prize for path-breaking contributions to develop 

a treatment against Parkinson s disease? 

(a)Arvid Carlsson (b)Walter Kohn 

(c)Robert B. Laughlin 

(d)Ferid Murad 

Q48. Which of the following food items is rich in iron? 

(a)Rice (b) Apple (c) Pulses (d) Orange 

Q49. Who discovered Cholera germs? 

(a)Robert Koch (b)Rene Laennec (c)Dresser (d)Hansen 

Q50. Sweetex used by the diabetic patients has energy content of: 

(a)Five calories (b)Ten calorie (c)Hundred calories (d)Zero calories 

1 c 2 b 3 d 4 b 5 c 6 c 7 a 8 a 9 a 10 a 11 c 12 d

13 b 14 c 15 c 16 d 17 a 18 c 19 b 20 a 21 d 22 c 23 d 24 c 25 c 26 c 

27 a 28 c 29 c 30 a 31 a 32 a 33 b 34 a 35 b 36 c 37 a 38 b 39 a 40 d 

41 c 42 a 43 b 44 a 45 a 46 c 47 a 48 b 49 a 50 d


we just provided questions already available on the internet. If anyone violates the law or has an issue comment in box.

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