Best way to remember What you read

First, a joke from the Indian Institute of Technology:

A college senior once told me a secret. If you want the top position in IIT, then study two days before the exam.

Because everyone will study? – One day before the exam.

Now in real science:

There are a few ways to approach this problem and I would like to tell from my own experience that I had to go through many exams of my life at Indian Institute of Technology, and I was able to get a rank in my class. In addition to understanding, memorization was an important part of my learning process.

I have seen the topmost students in Indian Institutes of Technology and I agree that I am no different.

One: – The number one thing about learning something and everything is to fully understand it. To improve understanding of any subject, no matter what the subject is, first understand it from the basics and Turn understanding from all aspects to death. To achieve this, always start with a simple book on this subject. A lot of people pick up a lot of complicated books on this subject and they feel that books like this They can read well. But because those books are complicated, often they do not understand the subject.

Best way to remember What you read

Two: The second thing is that someone else should be able to explain that topic. As soon as you start explaining it to someone else, you quickly find out what you don’t know, and what the difference is. Then go back to the books, and refine the knowledge so that the shortcomings are met. As soon as you are able to explain something to someone, even if you have to look at the book, assume that you understand it yourself. have taken.

Best way to remember What you read

Third: You practice doing this twice. I claim that if I read the same topic from two people with the third attempt, then I have not only kept it clean but also almost memorized it.

Best way to remember What you read

Four: When you find yourself in step 3, now you just want to do the same thing, like a song. We also play songs on our car stereo and listen to them again and again, and in the process, we Recall those songs. But what really happens is that your mind remains anything and everything you do in every attempt remains. With each repetition, your brain has a memory already One has to struggle less to remember the thing, and there will be a little more. A point comes when there is no more left to remember. This is how we remember the songs of many songs in our minds.

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There are a few ways to do this.

Write the same thing down a few times. You will realize that when you think you know it, and when you start writing it, you will get a delta, that is, you start forgetting things when you try to write them. This is because when we think that we know and remember something, we are only living in a false belief. I tested this method and often found that as soon as I started writing this, I understood that I had not really missed it and had to revisit the book.

Write your notes in many colors. When there are more colors then humans are good at remembering things better. For example, think of two pictures of mango and an apple. Now if I put these in black ink on a white paper I make, and ask you a question, what fruits have I shown you? If they are black and white pictures, you will remember less if they are colored, you will remember better because you have to look at them in this way Likewise if you use many colors while writing notes, it will help you to retain them better.

Explain the principle or topic to a friend. This is a great way to repeat the topic. First of all, you can keep it with you and teach it well, but you are also helping a friend.

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You can record what you want to remember and listen to it again and again. The same method is adopted these days when I remember my speeches. I write my speech, record it, and it About 20 days into my car like this, I remember it completely. I practiced memorizing many English words and entire periodic tables in my school life by this method.

Listen to those things from others. In these days, there is a lot of study material available on YouTube. Listen to them from many lecturers and it will help you stay better.

As some of you can see, I have inspired it to understand, write, read, read, listen, listen, see, I have only tried to see how many ways to understand the subject. The more the methods, the more the power of retardation cannot be forgotten. A doctor was treating a patient who had lost his memory completely so that the patient had forgotten many things about himself and at home. . The doctor gave him a toothbrush and paste. The patient told the doctor how to brush teeth. Why didn’t he forget to brush? Just because he has repeated this many times in his life, that he has No need to think about it.

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