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First answered: What are some interesting life hacks?

> For travel, when you are packing the clothes in the bag, then roll the clothes, this will allow more clothes to come in less space.

> When composing an email, fill the recipient email (email recipient) at the very end. So that you do not accidentally send half-draft to anyone.

> If you have a small scratch in your wooden furniture, then rub the nut on it to fill it.

First answered: What are some interesting life hacks?

First answered: What are some interesting life hacks?

> Whenever you go to buy or rent a house while checking the house, it must be checked whether the mobile network is coming into the house. Otherwise, you will probably have the idea of ​​getting a mobile network portability later.

> If you are having difficulty identifying the keys from the bunch of keys, paint all the keys in different colors with nail polish. So that identification will be easy.

> Only after three or six months of changing your lifestyle, tell others about the new change. This will save you from the criticism of those critics who do not want to leave any chance to degrade you. And by not telling anyone anything, you will also have less pressure to live life as promised.

> To prevent itching from mosquito bites, while making coffee, press the hot spoon used to move the coffee to the place where the mosquito bites you.

> If you wake up before the alarm sounds, do not sleep back after getting up. If you get up easily early you will feel more refreshed in the morning.

> When you are depressed, clean the room, this will distract your mind. And after completing more cleaning, you will feel as if you have achieved any success.

> When you don't have any locks to prevent your bag's zipper from falling apart, using paper clips will also do your job.

> Whenever you are watching videos on youtube on your computer, and if you want to pause or play the video, press k.

> Use the space bar to scroll down any webpage, and use the shift + space bar to scroll up.

> Use Google to find your lost Android phone. Actually, Google provides the facility of Android device manager, with the help of which you can find your lost or stolen mobile.

> If you are going to live in a city where you do not know the language, then learn how to say "I am learning this language" in that language, instead of saying "sorry I do not know this language." People will be happy every time that you are trying to learn their language.

> Eat chocolate that contains 70 percent or more cocoa content. This will increase your brain and it will also improve your immune system and cardiovascular system.

> Never mix cucumber and tomato in the same salad, it is one of the most popular salad mixes. But in reality, it is harmful to health. Because there is fermentation in the cucumber that destroys the ascorbic acid (ie vitamin c) that is in the tomato.

> If at any time the piece of shatter is broken by your hand, take a piece of bread without munching to pick up small particles and put it on top of the slice and kill it with a little spoon. The consistency of the bread will also pick up small particles of the glass.

> Matching the color of your belt with the color of your shoes will make you look perfect.

> To prevent recurring hiccups, inhale through your mouth and swallow your tongue twice then slowly exhale through the nose.

> Have you ever felt embarrassed by the loud sound of a rat running out of your stomach in a public place? Instead of pressing your stomach muscles inward to push that sound, push it out loud like a bear's belly. Doing so will stop that terrible sound.

> If your girlfriend sees you staring at other girls, turn around and look at her and say with a slight smile "Well you don't dress strangely like that girl."

> Always clean your bag after your stay at the hotel. Because the bed-bug sometimes hides in your bag and reaches your room from the hotel room.

> To make the feet soft and soft, first, shave your feet, then layer a mixture made by mixing sugar and olive oil on them. And then shave them again.

> If you accidentally left Caps lock on while typing in Microsoft Word, pressing shift + F3 will convert everything into small alphabets. Do not take tension.

> One thing to always remember while swallowing medicine my friend: chin up while swallowing the pill and chin down while swallowing the capsule. Because the tablet always sinks in the water while the capsule comes to swim.

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