Know how to prepare your study time table

Are you struggling with bundles of books and are unable to understand which books to read first ??? Here we will give you important and useful tips to make a good study time table which will help you in using your available time correctly.

Know how to prepare your study time table

Know how to prepare your study time table

Dear students !!! Are you in doubt about what to study and when to study ???

Are you not ready for the finals ???

Are you struggling with bundles of books to read which book first ???

A simple and effective solution to all the problems mentioned above is to make a well-planned study timetable. In fact, when it comes to the academic success of students in high school and college, there is a great need to learn to use time. Memorize all your daily activities in your mind, try to prepare the rest as a time table by separating out the important activities. A good study schedule helps students make the best use of available time possible and performs best at an academic level.

Here we will give you important useful tips to make a good study time table which will help you in using your available time correctly.

1. Make a list of subjects you need to study and make a priority

To create an effective study timetable, first of all, make a list of all the subjects and their syllabus that you need to study. For example, if you want to study for a particular exam, then instead of the entire syllabus, make a list of only those subjects for which the exam is done. After listing the topics, rank them according to their importance. Determine the course in which you are weak or in which you perform very well. This will help you find out which subject you need to give the most time or which topics should get your best time slot.

2. Select what you need to do for each topic

After listing all the subjects in preference to studying, you try to find out what needs to be done in each subject or course. Although your schedule and other responsibilities for a particular class may vary each week, you need to make time with your routine to cover every topic as well as topics of greater importance.

3. Divide your available time into study blocks

The next important step in making a time table is to divide your study time into study blocks. Make a study table in which you sit to study at the same time every day. This makes it easy to remember without checking the time table. In addition, creating a regular set routine creates a regular study mindset and develops a positive study habit within you.

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4. Don’t forget to take time out for non-academic activities

You take a break of ten to fifteen minutes after every fifty sixty-minute study session. Don’t forget to make time for family, friends, and the rest by making a time table for each subject. The main reason for this is that you can achieve success in your studies only when you are able to strike a healthy balance between your personal life and your academic life. Take time for extra-curricular activities like swimming practice, cricket practice, exercise, etc.

5. Fill in the blocks of your study schedule

Once you follow the program of a properly prepared study schedule, then fill your schedule daily in the schedule. Fill each session of study for each subject or topic. This will let you know what and how much study has been done and how long you will be able to organize your remaining course ahead of time.

6. Follow your time table firmly

Creating a good study schedule is not very difficult but the hardest thing is to follow it. Students often fail to follow the schedule after doing this for a few days. The main reason for this is that it is difficult to find time for yourself by following the study schedule. Therefore, to prepare balance, while preparing the study table, apart from studying it, time should also be given for social or physical activities. So when your mind starts getting distracted from the prepared study schedule, improve it by doing some entertaining work so that you can stay away from boredom and try to follow the study schedule completely.

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