Importance of computer in teaching-learning process

Computer-based learning and learning refers to a medium through which much information can be transmitted in a short period of time. It is a powerful means of strengthening the knowledge related to the content learned by the students through their textbooks, classroom discussions, etc. Computer-based learning and learning is a powerful medium to enable us to understand complex subjects.
                                                          At present, all the knowledge and content related to their subjects are being made available on computer CD for the learning of the students. Students can use it at home as well as at school. Apart from this, extensive knowledge related to various subjects is stored on the Internet, which students can use to increase their knowledge, to learn thematic facts, research work, new research, etc.
Importance of computer in teaching-learning process

Read this also. What is email, CD on computer or presentation of content available through the Internet is so effective and detailed that the student can easily understand it? The computer is being used very effectively in the field of education. In the classroom, computer science has increased in the form of science projects, report preparation, information gathering, and interactive learning basics. Computers are being used as a supplement to the teacher. There is much such software available under computer-based education that provides systematic information about different subjects. Multimedia (consisting of sound, images, animation, and video) c. B. T software is very useful in explaining any topic effectively. Nowadays online learning and training is possible through the internet. Under this, the student can talk to his teacher while sitting in his house and calm his jibes. Today virtual classrooms have become a reality. Therefore, computers are very important in the field of education.

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